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Parco Verde

Parco Verde is a neighborhood in Caivano, on the outskirts of Naples, which is nicknamed in the news with only "the little Scampia" for being the 2nd place full of drug dealing and drug use in Europe,

and not for the serious problem of housing. The Green Park, in fact, was built after the earthquake of 1980. It was supposed to be a temporary accommodation for those people who are waiting for their new homes to be ready, and should last up to seven years, however since then 30 years have been passed. There are no real homes but "heavy prefabricated" one made of pressed cement mixed with fibbre asbestos, asbestos is also found on the terraces and in various places in the Park. Parco Verde is in a Land of Fires, and mix of asbestos, beside contaminated water infiltration and carcinogenic materials that is used to for building, without considering the likely landfills of waste of all kinds, which make the great majority of the population sick of cancer, and in almost every apartment there is a sick person, or a loved one died of cancer. 

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